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About this site

About this site


The Melbourne Airport website has been designed, where possible, to conform to level A of the W3C Content Accessibility Guidelines (Version 1.0) written by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Standards compliant code

The Melbourne Airport website is designed for compatibility with Web Standards, ensuring maximum compatibility with current and future browsers and platforms.

Where possible, the website conforms to the W3C XHTML 1.1 and CSS specifications.

Recommended browsers

Content and presentation are separated on the Melbourne Airport website via the use of CSS. This means that the content is accessible in any internet device, even if it does not understand CSS.

A modern Web browser is recommended to view the intended visual presentation of the Melbourne Airport website: older browsers offer poor support for standards and often incorrectly interpret newer CSS code. For this reason, these browsers are presented with the unstyled plain content instead.

Our recommended browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

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Recommended plug-ins

The Melbourne Airport Web site utilises Flash for the presentation of some interactive content, such as:

  • Interactive map of the airport
  • Live Flight Radar
  • Melbourne Direct Web site
  • Airport development - Interactive timeline

To view this content, you will need the Abobe Flash plug-in, which is a free download available from the Adobe website.