Melbourne’s taxis are a safe and convenient way to get from the airport to your destination. Taxi ranks are located on the ground floor outside Terminals 1 and 3. You can catch a taxi from designated taxi ranks, unless they you have pre-booked one.3 - Unnamed

Fares and surcharges

Taxi fare estimator - this estimator provides a high level of customisation , such as selecting exact pick up and drop off locations, desired route and a time selector - to factor in likely traffic conditions.

Receipts and lost property

Remember to get an electronic receipt at the end of the journey.  In addition to assisting with your personal records, the information that it contains (suh as taxi company, taxi ID number and time of travel) is vital should you accidentally leave any items behind. 

Prepaid fares

Prepaid fares apply to all Victorian taxis from 10pm until 5am. Taxi drivers may ask you to provide upfront payment between these times based on an estimate cost of your journey. The balance is either refunded or topped up at the end of the journey, depending on the metered fare. Cash, credit/debit or EFTPOS methods of payment are accepted.

Hire Cars (VHA Cars)

An alternative to using Victoria’s taxis is pre-booking a hire car. All hire cars in Victoria must be accredited and pre-booked in advance. Drivers will collect you from an agreed or designated point, which may be inside the airport.  The fee is agreed to in advance, as there is no meter in the vehicle. 

Using hire cars or pre-booked taxis from Melbourne Airport incurs an additional airport fee of $4.00 per vehicle in addition to the negotiated fare.1 - Unnamed


If you are approached at the Airport by a hire car, or taxi driver, and offered a ‘ride’, please don’t accept this. This is known as touting and is illegal in Victoria. Significant penalties do apply. To ensure your safety, you are advised not to engage with anyone offering private transport or to accept a tout.

In the event that you are touted, please report the incident to the Taxi Services Commission (TSC) on 1800 638 802 (toll-free) or by visiting

Prebooked Taxis

If you have prebooked a taxi to uplift you from Melbourne Airport, the driver will park in the short term carpark and should meet you at the baggage carrosel. Taxis recieve a discounted rate to park in the carpark and may pass on the cost to you. 


If you wish to provide positive feedback on your driver or if you are dissatisfied with your taxi trip, please contact the taxi company whose name is displayed on the vehicle, or refer to the information on your receipt.

If the issue is not resolved satisfactorily, please contact the Taxi Services Commission online or on 1800 638 802 (toll-free).


Airport Parking can be a cheaper alternative to taking a taxi - especially when return taxi fares are considered. Melbourne Airport has five parking options to suit any need or any budget.