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Terminal Drive/Centre Road upgrade now complete

Dec 02, 2013

Works were completed today on the Terminal Drive/Centre Road upgrade with the opening of a new right hand turning lane.

This completes six months work on enhancing Terminal Drive, which leads into the airport from the Tullamarine Freeway, and upgrading the intersection at Centre Road.

On 2 September 2013, two additional lanes were completed on Terminal Drive, reducing congestion for traffic entering the outdoor long term car park, Departures Drive, Arrivals Drive, public pick-up, the short term car park, and turning right on to Centre Road.

Over four months, Melbourne Airport constructed a new traffic lane on the north side of the existing lanes. In addition, the old emergency lane between the freeway off-ramp and the start of the entry into the outdoor Long Term Car Park was reconstructed into another fully trafficable lane. 

These additional lanes on Terminal Drive are already improving traffic flows while increasing road capacity and access to Arrivals and Departures drives. 

On completion of the road widening project, Melbourne Airport quickly moved to start upgrading the Terminal Drive/Centre Road intersection to improve safety for both pedestrians and vehicles. 

As part of this upgrade, lanes into the airport were re-aligned, as was the pedestrian crossing at south Centre Road.

Widening Terminal Drive and upgrading the intersection at Centre Road provides an easier journey for all vehicles dropping off or picking up passengers, including private cars, taxis and buses.

Terminal Drive is part of Melbourne Airport’s commitment to improving its road network.

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1 - A new right hand turn

A new right hand turn

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