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New pick-up lane opens

Mar 18, 2013

Melbourne Airport has today opened 26 additional 1-minute pick-up bays in the forecourt area for general public, which aims to further reduce congestion in and around the airport precinct.

Capacity for private vehicles to pick-up passengers has increased via a fourth lane built as part of the Forecourt Redevelopment Stage 2 project.

Picking-up family and friends who are waiting for a ride in the forecourt can be done by following the overhead signs at Arrivals Drive that direct cars to the 1-minute pick-up lane 1 or lane 2.

Redevelopment of Melbourne Airport’s forecourt precinct commenced in 2011 to ease traffic congestion and provide a safer pedestrian route between the terminal and short term car park.

The forecourt redevelopment is being rolled-out in stages. 

Stage 1 opened in December 2011 with a 1-minute pick-up lane for general public and a realignment of traffic to separate buses, taxis and private cars.

Construction on Forecourt Redevelopment Stage 2 commenced in October 2012.

2 - Unnamed

Over the past six months, around 14,000 hours of labour have gone into constructing the new 400 metre 1-minute pick-up lane, which starts at Arrivals Drive.

To accommodate the new lane, and its 1-minute pick-up bays, the entry to Arrivals Drive was widened, providing a dedicated slip lane for couriers and truck using the Loading Dock.

To ease congestion for traffic leaving the airport from the forecourt, the third lane (which also includes 1-minute pick-up bays) has been extended to provide a more efficient traffic merge with the dedicated bus lane and new fourth lane.

More work will be completed on Forecourt Redevelopment Stage 2 over the coming months. This includes upgrading security with the installation of a new PA system, extra lighting and additional CCTV cameras. A dedicated lane for shuttle buses will be marked-out in the third lane to improve bus efficiency in the forecourt area.

Melbourne Airport is making a number of improvements to the airport road network as part of our five-year, $1 billion, investment in airport infrastructure. These road network projects, aimed at continuing to improve traffic flows around the airport precinct,  will enable future capacity growth in the forecourt area.

2 - Unnamed

4 - Unnamed



1500 cubic metres soil removed
650 tonnes  asphalt
1000 cubic metres  crushed rock installed
350 cubic metres concrete installed
150 metres  stormwater pipe installed
800 metres kerb and channel installed


Project Manager                     Jo Priestley
Sponsor                                    Catherine Fien
External Project Manager    DCWC Management
Head contractor                      Negri Contractors
Design                                       SKM

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