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Melbourne Airport welcomes fourth daily Singapore Airlines' service

Jul 01, 2013

Melbourne Airport will this afternoon welcome the arrival of Singapore Airlines’ fourth daily service (SQ 207/208) between Melbourne and Singapore.

Melbourne Airport CEO, Chris Woodruff, said that the new service will provide more flexibility and choice for Victorians.

“We are delighted to welcome Singapore Airlines’ fourth daily service to Melbourne Airport.  The service will not only increase capacity but also connectivity between Victoria and key markets in Asia and Europe through Singapore Airlines’ extensive global network.”

“Our curfew free operations are a key operational advantage for us and they are also an important part of Victoria’s economy, allowing the movement of an additional two million passengers and injecting more than $590 million of visitor spending into Victoria’s economy every year.”

“Victoria is growing and so are we.  We expect more than 64 million passengers to pass through Melbourne Airport by 2030.  We’re investing billions of dollars over the next 20 years transforming Melbourne Airport. We’re upgrading facilities, improving road access and building a new terminal and a new runway as we aim to become Australia’s premier international aviation gateway.”


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