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Melbourne Airport's international passengers exceed 600,000 for the first time

Feb 18, 2011

Feb 18, 2011

International passenger numbers at Melbourne Airport grew by 18 per cent in January to reach 630,979, exceeding 600,000 passengers for the first time and increasing by 98,313 over last January.

Driving the strong international passenger performance was growth from our largest and fastest growing markets including China, which increased by 33 per cent, Singapore by 25 per cent, Malaysia by 22 per cent, New Zealand by 20 per cent, India by 16 per cent, with the United States of America (USA) and United Kingdom (UK) both increasing by 11 per cent.  Australian passport holders also grew 19 per cent over January 2010.

Domestically, passengers increased by 8 per cent, or an additional 140,752 passengers, over the same period last year, to reach 1,843,251 domestic passengers passing through Melbourne Airport for January 2011.

Melbourne Airport CEO Chris Woodruff said people made the most of the holiday period which included the Australian summer school holidays and an early start to Chinese New Year celebrations.

“The summer holiday period has traditionally been a peak travel time as people make the most of the extended break.” 

“Passenger growth for January was also supported by The Australian Open, part of Victoria’s great calendar of major events in 2011.  The combination of the first major tennis tournament of the year and the Australian summer meant that if you were a tennis fan, Melbourne was definitely the place to be in January.”

“The 33 per cent growth in Chinese passport holders coincided with the commencement of Chinese New Year celebrations and reinforces China’s potential as the major tourism market for Melbourne.”

“We continue every effort to make our Chinese travellers feel welcome and respected when they arrive at Melbourne with Chinese public addresses, Chinese signs in arrivals and departures as well as dancing lions and banners in celebration of Chinese New Year.”

“I would like to thank our airline customers for their continued support. As Australia’s only major single terminal, curfew free airport, I look forward to working with our customers to continue to deliver high quality operations to the airlines and their passengers,” said Mr Woodruff.

Growth for January 2011 by region and passport country:

North Asia (%) South East Asia (%) Pacific (%) Europe (%)
China 32.9 Singapore 25.0 NZ 19.7 Ireland 21.6
Taiwan 30.4 Philippines 23.3 Fiji 10.3 Germany 14.6
South Korea 22.4 Malaysia 21.8 Americas (%) Spain 14.6
Hong Kong 132. India 15.8 Brazil 37.7 UK 10.8
Japan 11.1 Sri Lanka 9.5 Canada 15.3 France 7.6
        USA 11.1 Italy 6.3

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