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Melbourne Airport welcomes inaugural CACG meeting

Apr 25, 2011

Melbourne Airport welcomed the inaugural meeting of the independent community committee, the Community Aviation Consultative Group (CACG), held yesterday.

Melbourne Airport CEO, Mr Chris Woodruff said, “We are excited by the establishment of this group.  By formalising our existing community consultation processes, CACG reaffirms the importance of community consultation to Melbourne Airport.  CACG will build on our existing community relationships as well as provide a frequent two way communication forum for the airport community and our neighbours.”

Chairing the independent group is Mr Darrell Treloar, former Hume City Council CEO. 

“Melbourne Airport is an iconic business and touches the lives of all Victorians,” said Mr Treloar.  “I look forward to working with the other members of CACG, the local community and airport management to strengthen and further grow a vibrant and lasting partnership.”

“We are very pleased that Mr Treloar has accepted the role of CACG’s Chair.  His previous role means he has intimate knowledge of the local area. He also understands the importance of community engagement,” said Mr Woodruff.

The role of CACG is to provide an independent forum where opinions and issues regarding the airport can be expressed, particularly in relation to planning and development matters.  It will also identify current and emerging trends in respect to community opinion.

CACG consists of 10 members and meets quarterly.

For further information, please contact: Melbourne Airport Media – (03) 9335 3666

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