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International passenger growth continues at Melbourne Airport

Jun 20, 2011

Melbourne Airport’s international passenger growth continued in May with international passengers increasing by 18.5 per cent to reach 490,306 passengers, an additional 76,432 passengers compared to May last year.

Melbourne Airport’s CEO, Chris Woodruff, said “We saw increased growth in April as a result of the late Easter, Anzac Day and holidays.  In May, we are seeing passenger numbers boosted by the return travel of the late Easter and holiday peak.” 

“In addition, the Asian markets continue to be the primary drivers of our sustained international passenger growth.”

“We’ve worked closely with the Victorian government and tourism bodies to promote Melbourne and Victoria as a premier destination for Asian travellers.  The continued growth from these key markets is evidence that this approach is working.”

Strong inbound passenger growth included passport holders from China which grew by 26.9 per cent, Taiwan by 61.1 per cent, Indonesia by 41.5 per cent, Japan by 28.3 per cent, Malaysia by 25.5 per cent, Singapore by 18.9 per cent, South Korea by 12.7 per cent and India by 11.2 per cent.  Traditional markets also continued to grow with New Zealand increasing by 15.8 per cent, the United Kingdom (UK) by 8.3 per cent and the United States (USA) by 6.3 per cent. 

“The strong Australian dollar continued to encourage Australians to travel overseas in May, with Australian passport holders sustaining growth from April,” said Mr Woodruff.

Australian passport holders increased by 21.2 per cent compared to May last year.

Domestic passengers grew by 4.0 per cent, an additional 67,795 passengers taking total domestic passengers for May to 1,763,396.

“The cancellations and delays experienced over the last week due to the volcanic ash plume caused inconvenience and frustration for many passengers and I’d like to thank all passengers at Melbourne Airport for their cooperation and patience during this time,” said Mr Woodruff.

Strong performing nationalities by passport holders for May include:

North Asia (%)* SE Asia (%)* North America & Pacific (%)* Europe & other (%)*
Taiwan 61.1 Indonesia 41.5 Brazil 33.4 UAE 66.9
Japan 28.3 Thailand 33.4 Fiji 18.7 Ireland 28.8
China 26.9 Malaysia 25.5 NZ 15.8 Germany 20.0
South Korea 12.7 Singapore 18.9 USA 6.3 France 14.8
    Philippines 14.9 Canada 5.3 UK 8.3
    India 11.2        

*monthly percentage growth compared to May 2010

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