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International growth sustained at Melbourne Airport for first quarter

Oct 20, 2011

Melbourne Airport sustained growth in international passengers for the first quarter with an additional 153,000 international passengers or 10 per cent growth compared to the same period last year, taking international passengers to 1,668,000 for the quarter.

Melbourne Airport CEO, Mr Chris Woodruff said, “I am pleased to announce that our international passenger growth continued in the first quarter with our Asian markets continuing to set the pace. ”

“We have had consistent and strong international growth for over two years now and it’s evident that our hard work is paying off. We have focused on growing links between key growth destinations within Asia and we are pleased with the support we are receiving from our airline customers such as China Southern, which is increasing its Melbourne‐Guangzhou services to double daily flights from 30 October.”

“We also know that we are working in an increasingly competitive environment. To this end, we are continuing to work closely with Tourism Victoria, the State Government, City of Melbourne, Destination Melbourne and the Committee for Melbourne as part of ‘Team Victoria’ to make sure we offer our airline customers and their passengers the best experience we can.”

Countries with strong growth in passport holders for the quarter included China which grew by 26 per cent, the Philippines by 26 per cent, Japan by 12 per cent, Vietnam and Indonesia by 9 per cent and Singapore by 8 per cent.

Traditional markets also had solid growth during the quarter with New Zealand growing by 8 per cent and the UK and Canada growing by 3 per cent.

Domestically, there was a decrease of 5 per cent to 5,334,000 passengers compared to the same period last year. Total passenger numbers for the quarter, were down 2 per cent to 7,002,000.

“Our quarterly domestic passenger figures were without a doubt impacted by the disruption to Tiger Airways’ services however we are seeing passenger numbers increase as they rebuild their domestic services,” said Mr Woodruff.

“We are also progressing on schedule, for the various projects we have underway to accommodate passenger growth including additional baggage carousels in our internationals arrival hall and expansion of the processing area for our border agency partners.”

“Construction of the APAC Drive on‐ramp is also on schedule and you can now see the piers that will hold the new elevated entry to the Tullamarine Freeway for city‐bound traffic,” said Mr Woodruff.

“Primary works for our forecourt redevelopment have commenced and we’ll continue to work with key stakeholders to make this transition as smooth as possible.

“Although we are scheduling the majority of works for off‐peak time periods, as a 24 hour airport, there may be some minor disruptions for passengers and traffic. We ask for people’s patience and cooperation as we work to improve the flow of traffic around the terminal.”

For September, international passengers increased by 6.8 per cent resulting in 554,163 passengers, an additional 35,121 passengers compared to September 2010. Domestic passengers declined by 7 per cent, resulting in a total of 1,755,139 domestic passengers. Total passengers numbers for September reached 2,309,302, a decline of 4 per cent compared to the same period in 2010.


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