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New hand dryers blow in energy savings for Melbourne Airport

Jul 29, 2009

Melbourne Airport has turned necessity into environmental and financial benefit by recently installing 66 new hand dryers across its three terminals.

The energy-efficient Dyson Airblade hand dryers have replaced 66 paper towel dispensers and 66 existing hand dryers throughout the airport, with the new dryers using almost 77 per cent less energy than their predecessors. With 24.5 million passengers using Melbourne Airport on an annual basis, the new hand dryers are expected to save 143,662kW hours of energy. This equates to the amount of energy approximately 8000 houses average for one day, or alternatively, a saving of nearly 6 million paper towels per year.

These savings are in keeping with Melbourne Airport's stated commitment to manage and develop the airport in ways that are both environmentally-friendly and responsible. Melbourne Airport's Environment Strategy is focusing on maximising efficiencies in its three terminals by reducing water and energy usage while keeping waste to a minimum.

With the airport's old hand dryers needing replacing, Melbourne Airport's waste sub-committee were keen to find ways of reducing waste in the cleaning area, with the high-quality Dyson Airblade product representing a significant upgrade over the previous dryers.

As part of its environmental focus, Melbourne Airport currently tracks the use of all recycled and reused materials at the airport, while the assessment of office, cleaning and maintenance materials is also underway.

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