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Onsite at Melair


This information to designed to assist with the day to day operation of your retail business at Melbourne Airport.

Within the table below there are links to more infomation, specific web adresses, application forms and quick reference guides


Unattended items & Suspicious behaviour



Information on who is required to hold an Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) and how to apply for an ASIC can be found here.


Everything inside your outlet, including windows, and any storage area, is your responsibility to maintain in a clean manner.
Cleaning of common areas such as seating within the terminal is the responsibility of Melbourne Airport. 

To report a spillage in a common area, please call Melbourne Airport Faults on 9297 1001  


Airport Coordination Centre & Fault Reporting

Direct link 

Emergency - quick reference card 

Word Doc


In the event of an evacuation please follow the directions provided via the overhead announcements, and the directions of any trained Fire Wardens in your area.

Information Guide for Fire Wardens - PDF


Fire warden training application form  



Fire extinguishers / Fire blankets - acceptable types, testing, compliance and incident reporting.  



All retail outlets should offer access to a first aid kit as per WorkSafe requirements. First aid kits should be kept in an easily accessible location with visible signage indicating their location. Regular stock audits of first aid kits should be undertaken.

Melbourne Airport recommends one in every 10 staff be first aid trained.


Melbourne Airport requires notification from its retailers for any of the following:

  • When a fire alarm is activated within the concession. This includes false alarms.
  • Incidents or near misses involving a member of the public, within or near your concession.
  • Incidents or issues caused by a Melbourne Airport procedure or involving a Melbourne Airport controlled asset or infrastructure.
  • Any event that meets reporting criteria to a Federal or State regulatory body or authority.
  • It you are issued with an Improvement Notice from a Federal of State regulatory body or authority.

    If you are unsure of requirements, please speak with the retail team.


Maintenance or minor works that need to be carried out within your store area are your responsibility to organise. This can include lighting, shutter or door repairs, flooring, fixtures, changing locks, etc.

Maintenance/minor works should be carried out by qualified tradespeople and not store staff.

Please speak with the retail team prior to undertaking any works for advice on the best way to proceed.

Maintenance required in common or public areas, car parks, or airport grounds is the responsibility of Melbourne Airport. This includes but is not restricted to, water and power supply and air conditioning.

Any faults, hazards or maintenance that you notice in common or public areas should be reported to Melbourne Airport Faults on 9297 1001.


Melbourne Airport has permit systems in place for the following:
• Ceiling tile removal
• Ceiling access
• Roof access
• Construction hoarding
• Electrical isolation
• EWIS & Fire Alarms
• Hot Works Permits
• Penetrations

See here for more permit information - direct link 


Retail Safety Committee - Every 2 months.

Landside Loading Dock Group - Every 2 months.

Food & Beverage Group - Every 2 months. 


Store safety inspection checklist

Editable checklist as a Word Doc 


Rubbish Rooms are located within Terminals 2 (airside and landside) 3 and 4.  Please leave your full bin in the rubbish room and take an empty one back to your store.

If you are unsure of how you should be disposing of your rubbish please contact the retail team.

There is no facility at the airport for the disposal of hard waste.  If you have fittings or fixtures you need to dispose of please contact the retail team for advice on the best way to do this.

Please ensure all cardboard is flattened before disposal. 

Please do not dispose of waste in terminal rubbish bins provided for passenger use.




FAQs - quick checklist 


1 - Unnamed


Any person who requires access to airside (sterile) areas of the airport who does not have a valid ASIC must obtain a VIC pass and be accompanied at all times by a person with a valid ASIC (host).

There is a limit of 28 Visitor passes per person, per year.  There are three types of VIC passes.

  1. 24 hour Visitor Pass – used for visitors or contractors working onsite for less than 24 consecutive hours. Issued on operational request when with an ASIC host. Free of charge.
  2. Multiday Visitor Pass (for periods up to seven days) – used for visitors or contractors working on site for periods longer than 24 hours
  3. Photo Visitor Pass (only available when submitting an ASIC application). Issued on operational request when submitting ASIC application. Expires at end of calendar month. Can be renewed until ASIC is received. Only available from Security Services.  A $5 fee is payable.


Airport Coordination Centre Emergency Line 9297 1601 (24 hours)  
Call this number for emergencies only - such as;

  • Fire or Smoke
  • Medical Emergencies (if life threatening call 000 first then the ACC)
  • Criminal Acts
  • Telephone Threats


Spills, cleaning, waste
T2/T3: 9297 1001
T4 / Landside 1300 659 024

Maintenance Faults - all areas
1300 659 024 (Spotless)
(e.g.  heating/cooling, common area lighting etc)