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Environmental Considerations

Works undertaken by Melbourne Airport or any other operator or contractor are subject to the requirements of the Environmental Policy, relevant Commonwealth and State legislation and the commitments of the Environment strategy.  In accordance with Melbourne Airport's Environmental Management Systems' requirements, a number of environmental programs, procedures and guidelines have been developed to manage operations and their potential impact. 

For construction projects with the potential for a significant environmental impact, the contractor is required to submit a Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) that satisfies the requirements set by Melbourne Airport.  All CEMPs are reviewed and endorsed by the environmental team prior to works commencing. The CEMP is the overarching document to manage environmental risk during the life of the project.  All contractors must comply with the Melbourne Airport Environmental Standard Works Conditions.

Below are links to the documents that govern Melbourne Airport environmental processes in relation to construction activities:

If you have any other enquiries, please contact a representative from the Melbourne Airport environment team on (03) 9297 1600.