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Airside Permits (ADA/ABDA/AUA)


The AIRDAT System

On 15 February 2017 Melbourne Airport introduced AIRDAT, which is a single course platform and central repository system that when fully implemented will manage all Airside Driver Authority (ADA) and Authority to Use Airside (AUA – Vehicle Permits) applications, bookings and records including all airside Penalty Infringement Notices (PINs).

Airside Operations Licence Application (AOL)

An AOL is required for any business wishing to operate and register a vehicle for airside use, and where staff members are required to obtain their Airside Drivers Authority (ADA) for the purpose of driving a vehicle airside.

To be eligible for an AOL the company applying must satisfy the following prerequisites:

·         Have a genuine business airside (Proof of on airport engagement)

·         Support by an on airport company (support letter provided)

·         Provide evidence of Public Liability Insurance of minimum AU$50,000,000

To complete the AOL please follow this link -

Information on how to obtain an (AOL) can be viewed via the below link or by accessing this video or viewing the information pack How to complete an AOL.

 Authority to Use Airside (AUA)

All vehicles/equipment requiring access to the airside of Melbourne Airport must have a valid Permanent (valid for 2 year) Authority for Use Airside (AUA), a Temporary AUA (1-14 days) or a Works Temporary Permit. The AUA must be displayed and visible on the bottom right-hand side of the windscreen if practicable.

To apply for a permanent AUA you must first complete the AOL.

 Airside Driver Authority (ADA)

Any company wishing to apply for an ADA must first obtain an AOL via the AIRDAT Onboard system.

Additionally, Airside Drivers Authority applicants MUST be able to provide details of why they require an ADA. This information must include their duties on airside, who the work is for, how often they drive there, where they need to travel, etc. and sent to This will assist Melbourne Airport in determining if they have a valid need to hold an ADA (as is required by legislation).

If you are employed by an ‘off-airport’ agency, you will also need to attach a letter of support from your contracting organisation that validates the claims and have your application pre-approved by Melbourne Airport prior to being able to book into an ADA training session.

ADA Level 2 booklet 

ADA Level 3 booklet 

Penalty Infringement Notice booklet

Aerobridge Driver Authority (ABDA)

To obtain an aerobridge driver authority (ABDA) all applicants must complete the following:

Aerobridge Driver Authority - Theory training conducted by Melbourne Airport (complete an Aerobridge Driver Authority Application form); and

Aerobridge Driver Authority - Practical training conducted by either Melbourne Airport or your organisation (to complete the training through your organisation.

ABDA Application Form

ABDA Practical Training Assessment Kit 

ADBA Penalty Infringement Notice Booklet