Commercial Vehicles

Bus Operators To Or From Melbourne Airport

Operating a bus to or from Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport has the busiest forecourt in Australia due to our single terminal building. Managing traffic in this congested area requires special attention for various users. Commercial users normally visit the airport often, and therefore operating conditions generally apply to those companies to avoid confusing the general public. Detailed terms and conditions are available in the sections below, but the general conditions are as follows. We appreciate your cooperation to keep our forecourt moving.

  • No buses (commercial vehicles of greater than 10 seats, including driver) are to access the elevated road of the forecourt, except Wheelchair Accessible Taxis
  • Buses are to drop-off and pick-up passengers in their dedicated zones, shown in the map below. Casual users are to use the blue Groups and Charters zone.
  • Fees are payable and congestion charges apply as shown in the attached table. Take note of the permitted dwell time to avoid congestion charges.

The general definitions of each category are:

  • Direct Buses, is only for those companies that have contracts with PTV to provide services to specific regions or routes, and are listed on our public web page.
  • Hotels and Off-airport parking, is for those services only
  • Groups and charters, is the remainder of ad-hoc services, including casual operators who pay via our online payment system
  • Crew Transport, is only for airline crew transfers to and from hotels

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Casual Bus Operators

For bus operators who do not wish to enter into a licence agreement with Melbourne Airport, a casual online payment system avaliable at Once you have paid online, please print the reciept and display this reciept in your vehicle's windscreen. The reciept will show all the vehicles you have registered and can be copied and placed in every vehicle.

Terms and Conditions for Casual Operators apply and can be found here

Casual bus operators are to park in the Groups and Charters zone.

We do encourage operators to enter into licence agreements. Benefits of this include cheaper pricing, designated zoned areas, and billing by monthly invoice rather than pre-payment.

Contracted Bus Operators

There is no minimum number of trips required to enter into a Licence Agreement for the Operation of a Bus Service at Melbourne Airport. A copy of the agreement can be found here. If you wish to enter into a Licence Agreement, please email

To be eligible to enter a Licence Agreement you must provide copies of:

  • an insurance certificate to show that you have Public Liability (at least $10 million) and Property Damage (at least $5 million); and,
  • a copy of your Transport Safety Victoria accreditation or registration, as applicable to your company. For more information on TSV requirements for your business, please visit 
  • a list of all your vehicle registrations that may visit the airport, the number of seats per vehicle (including driver), and if the vehicle tows a trailer or not.

Once your Licence Agreement has been executed, you will be issued with permit stickers for your vehicle windscreen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I require a permit to operate at Melbourne Airport? All operators using the Melbourne Airport forecourt for commercial purposes require a permit to operate. This is in the form of a casual pre-paid reciept, or a permit sticker provided with Licence Agreements which allows the operator to pick up commercial passengers for a reduced access fee.

How much does it cost to access the forecourt? The attached table demonstrates the fees applicable for access of the forecourt excluding GST. Operators who use the Forecourt on a regular basis, e.g. daily, should consider entering into a Licence Agreement with Melbourne Airport. The benefits of this include cheaper pricing, designated zoned areas, and greater operational efficiencies i.e. no need to purchase a ticket each trip.

Where do I park as a Casual User? Casual Users must park in the Groups and Charters zone. All other zones are allocated to regular operators who have licence agreements.

How do acquire a Licence Agreement to operate at Melbourne Airport? Email with the subject “Ground Transport Licence Agreement request”, and we will be in touch. Upon a successful application, we will issue a permit for each vehicle listed under the Licence Agreement.

What details do I need to provide Melbourne Airport with? Operators who apply for a Ground Transport Licence Agreement will be provided with a document which clearly outlines the information required for us to draw up the Licence Agreement.

Is there a minimum number of trips for acquiring a Licence Agreement? No, there are no minimum limits required to enter into an agreement. If a Licence Agreement is not arranged between Melbourne Airport and an operator, the operator will need to operate on a pre-paid system for access online at

How long is a Licence Agreement for? Licence Agreements are until 30 June 2016.

How do I pay for accessing the forecourt under a Licence Agreement? Licence Plate Recognision cameras will record your movements in the forecourt. Based on these movements, we will invoice you (the operator) at the end of each month.

What if I have not paid for this month? Permits are issued for each vehicle listed on the Licence Agreement. If access fees remain unpaid, then a Licence Agreement may be cancelled by Melbourne Airport. The operator would then revert to casual fees on a pre-paid system to continue access. Melbourne Airport may also draw on the bank guarantee or security deposit to cover the cost of access during the period in question.

Where are the designated areas for picking up passengers under a Licence Agreement? When permits are issued, operators will be allocated a zone in the forecourt area from which to pick up commercial passengers. Operators are expected to use those zones only. Zones are allocated on the basis of type of operation.

Do I need to display my permit on my vehicle(s)? Yes, permits must be displayed at all times. Vehicles without either a permit or a casual bus operator reciept risk being infringed by traffic management staff.

I have several vehicles. Do I need a permit for each? Yes. Each vehicle used under a Licence Agreement must be declared to Melbourne Airport. Permits are NOT transferable between vehicles.

The Zone I am allocated is full. Where do I park now? Operators must park as close to their allocated zone as possible. Operators found parking in other zones unnecessarily risk infringement. We reserve the right to re-allocate zones as we see fit, to maximise the efficiency of the forecourt. Operators will be notified in advance of any changes to minimise disruption.

Can I leave my bus unattended to gather my customers in the terminal? No, vehicles are not to be left unattended in the bus lane of the forecourt. Any vehicle found unattended will be infringed and may be towed from the site.