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Restrictions explained

Restrictions explained

The restrictions on the amount of liquids, aerosols and gel items that can now be carried in the cabin of international flights are as per below:

You can only carry liquids, aerosols or gels in your hand luggage if each container is no more than 100ml and these containers collectively can fit comfortably into one re-sealable, 20cm x 20cm (or smaller) transparent plastic bag.

If you plan to take any liquids, aerosols or gels greater than this amount with you on your trip, then they will need to be packed into your check-in luggage. Existing restrictions related to explosive or flammable items remain in place.

New duty free LAG rules apply to passengers carrying duty free items departing or arriving on international flights, transiting in Australia, and passengers travelling on a domestic leg of an international flight within Australia. 


Items purchased after security

If you are flying direct (i.e. your flight has no stops at any other destination), you can purchase any liquid, aerosol or gel item – including Duty Free – after security.


Prescription medicines are exempt from the new restrictions. A letter from your medical practitioner will need to be presented with the medicine.

Non-prescription medicines are also exempt; however only the amount required for the duration of the flight should be carried with you in your hand luggage.

Medical items such as sprays, insulin, contact lens solution and cough syrups are also exempt.

Baby products

For those travelling with babies, there are exceptions for baby products required for the duration of the flight. These include baby milk, sterilised water, baby food and wet wipes.

Visit the official Australian Government's liquids, aerosols and gels website: