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Policy on smoking by staff at Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport aims to provide a safe and pleasant environment for our passengers, visitors and staff.

Our smoking policy is designed to ensure that we minimise exposure to second hand cigarette smoke in areas around our terminals and across the airport property, including those used for public thoroughfare.  It is also designed to provide a safer, healthier workplace, create a more welcoming environment as well as reduce litter and minimise the risk of fire from improperly discarded cigarette butts.

Ensuring compliance is the responsibility of everyone who works at Melbourne Airport – including staff of APAM, airlines, service providers and contractors.

No-smoking areas
There is to be no smoking in all airside areas. Smoking is also prohibited in the following landside areas:
- All areas designated as ‘no smoking’ by signage
- Enclosed workspaces;
- Melbourne Airport controlled buildings;
- Adjacent to building access points such as doorways and windows;
- Within 10 metres of air conditioning intake vents and ducts;
- APAM vehicles;
- Undercover car parking areas

These requirements apply to all airport staff, including APAM staff, employees of airlines and ground handlers, retailers, government agencies, and service providers and contractors.

Terminal areas
No-smoking areas are clearly marked in front of the terminal building on both the departures and arrivals level. These should be observed at all times.

There is to be absolutely no smoking within 8 metres of doorways or within 10 metres of ventilation intakes; or in other areas marked ‘no smoking’.

Limited smoking areas for passengers and airport visitors, adjacent to the terminal in the forecourt are provided. This area is for passengers only and not for staff use (ie no staff or contractors).

A staff amenity area has been established near Building 201 (across from T4 next to taxi feeder) that can be used by staff for smoking, particularly those who work within T2, T3 and T4. The amenity area is approximately 100 metres from T3, or less than 2 minutes walk.

There is also an amenity area at T1 on ground level, located next to the taxi rank which may be used by staff for smoking, particularly those who work within T1 and T2.  The amenity area is approximately 30 metres from T1, or less than 1 minutes walk.

5 - Smoking Map 310117

Other areas on airport property
Many of the businesses on leased property on the airport estate already have their own smoking policy requirements for their premises or precinct, which their employees are required to observe.

In some cases, employees are leaving leased premises to smoke on common airport property. This is causing problems with litter, including the risk of fire from improperly discarded butts where there are no ashtrays in place.

Tenants must manage smoking by staff within their leased area. Where a smoking area is provided, Melbourne Airport will expect the tenant to make arrangements for the provision of ashtrays or litter bins, and for the cleaning and disposal of butt litter.

Where no arrangement is put in place by the tenant to manage smoking by employees who smoke on leased premises and these employees move outside the leased area (i.e. common airport land), a general ‘no smoking’ principle will apply. APAM will raise instances of non-compliance with tenants for follow-up and action.

Following the commencement of this policy, non-compliance will be monitored and reported to the relevant managers of employees or contractors for follow-up and further action.

Quit Smoking programs
Quit Victoria provides a range of resources to help smokers give up their habit.
More information is available from the Quitline on 13 78 48 or