Melbourne Airport

Runway Development Program

Landscape and Visual Study

A study has identified the potential impacts on landscape and visual quality that may occur during the construction and operational phases of the proposed Runway Development Program (RDP).

The visual component of the study looked at the degree to which views of the area would be modified as a result of RDP. This involved selecting a number of perspectives representing a range of different views to the project area.

The study found that during construction some of the likely sources of visual impact will be earthworks, clearing works and the presence of site offices and machinery. Once RDP is operational, sources of visual impact include the new east-west runway and increased air traffic overhead.

The study also assessed the likely night time visual impacts of RDP and determined that during operation, views would be modified by runway lighting and lighting from increased air traffic.

The landscape component of the study found that some of the key landscape impacts will be the removal of vegetation and changes to the landform through earthworks. 

Now that the study is complete, Melbourne Airport will work on managing the impacts identified.

This study was carried out by specialist consulting firms CH2M and Iris Visual Planning and Design.

Landscape and Visual study summary