Melbourne Airport

Runway Development Program

European Heritage Study

A study into the European heritage of the proposed Runway Development Program (RDP) site has examined the potential impacts of construction on places of European heritage value.

The study identified 11 European heritage places within the proposed RDP site and surrounds relating to early European settlement in the Tullamarine area in the mid to late 19th century.

Of the 11 heritage places, the study found five would be impacted by the RDP construction process – Victoria Bank Homestead, Seafield Farm and School, Roseleigh Homestead, Oaklands Junction and Barbiston Farm.

Four of these impacts were assessed as being of minor severity, while the likely impact on the Victoria Bank Homestead site was assessed as being of moderate severity.

The study concluded that the impact on these sites can be offset by a process of archaeological salvage to ensure archaeological deposits are collected and recorded.


It also found that the remainder of the sites would not be adversely impacted by the RDP but avoidance measures, such as the placement of temporary fencing during construction, should be implemented.

The study involved a process of background research, consultation with historical societies and experts, field survey, excavation and assessment of the significance of each site.

This study was carried out by specialist consulting firm Biosis.

European Heritage study summary