Melbourne Airport

Runway Development Program


Planning work has commenced on the Runway Development Program, with several studies currently underway to inform the development of the Major Development Plan.

The Commonwealth Government must approve the MDP before construction can commence on the new runway system.

This graphic is a timeline of the key steps involved in the development of the MDP—along with a projected timeframe for construction and operations.

1 - Technical studies

2014 - 2018
Technical studies  

The RDP MDP is a detailed planning document that considers the RDP’s impact on the community and environment. It will be informed by multiple studies covering areas such as noise, flight paths, environment, health, and social and economic impacts.

2 - public comment

Public comment period

A preliminary draft MDP is developed and made available for comment to the community and stakeholders. The public comment period is 60 business days, with comments to be made in writing.

3 - mdp draft

2018 - 2019
Development of the draft MDP

Written comments are received and included in an updated draft RDP MDP.

4 - mdp submission

2018 - 2019
MDP submission

The draft MDP is submitted to the Commonwealth Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development for consideration.

5 - construction

2019 - 2021
Start of construction

Construction commences on the runway system—subject to government approval of the MDP.

6 - runway operational

2022 - 2024
Runway system operational

Operations commence on the new runway system.