Melbourne Airport


Melbourne Airport Noise Tool

The Melbourne Airport Noise Tool shows the current approved noise forecasts (2008 Master Plan) and what is now proposed (2013 Master Plan). It also includes noise forecasts for the proposed third runway.
We'll explain the official plans of current and future noise, and how they impact you. Launch tool

What is Melbourne Airport doing about noise?

By comparison to other Australian airports, Melbourne Airport’s noise footprint on surrounding urban areas is considerably less.

Melbourne Airport works with Airservices, governments and airline carriers to manage noise in the following ways:

  • Noise abatement procedures – the size and shape of noise contours around an airport resulting from aircraft operations can be influenced by both in-flight and ground-based operational procedures;
  • Compatible land-use planning to direct incompatible land uses (such as homes, schools, etc.) away from the airport environs and flight paths and to encourage compatible land uses (such as industrial, commercial, etc.) to locate around the airport facilities;
  • Operating restrictions to limit or reduce an aircraft’s access to the airport, for example by limiting or prohibiting noisy aircraft.