Melbourne Airport


Melbourne Airport Noise Tool

The Melbourne Airport Noise Tool shows the current approved noise forecasts (2008 Master Plan) and what is now proposed (2013 Master Plan). It also includes noise forecasts for the proposed third runway.
We'll explain the official plans of current and future noise, and how they impact you. Launch tool

Melbourne And Our Airport

As the gateway to Victoria, Melbourne Airport has played an important role in Melbourne and Victoria’s development and economic growth since it first opened in 1970.

Today, Melbourne Airport is the second busiest passenger airport in Australia and the main aviation hub for the southern Australia. More than 29 million domestic and international passengers passed through Melbourne Airport last year.

Melbourne Airport operations employs 14,300 people, and this is expected to increase to 23,000 by 2033. Melbourne Airport currently adds $1.47 billion to Victoria’s Gross State Product (GSP), and this is set to more than double by 2033 to $3.2 billion.