Melbourne Airport


Melbourne Airport Noise Tool

The Melbourne Airport Noise Tool shows the current approved noise forecasts (2008 Master Plan) and what is now proposed (2013 Master Plan). It also includes noise forecasts for the proposed third runway.
We'll explain the official plans of current and future noise, and how they impact you. Launch tool

Aim Of Melbourne Airport Noise Tool

This interactive tool provides information about how noise from the operation of Melbourne Airport affects the community, both now and in the future
The third runway will have an effect on how and where noise is experienced around the airport. The tool will show the predicted level of noise with a three runway system operating at full capacity in comparison to the current two runway configuration.
The tool allows you to see where your home is positioned in relation to the forecast aircraft noise, and how we expect this to change from today (with two runways) and beyond 2018 (with our proposed third runway).  By entering the details of your suburb into this interactive tool, you will see operational noise levels, ANEF and N contours.
The data used in the tool represents historical and forecasted movements and indicative flight paths.  While care has been taken developing this data, it may change from time to time.  The data is provided for information purposes only and should not be relied upon for personal  medical, legal or financial reasons.