Melbourne Airport


Melbourne Airport Land Use Strategies

Melbourne Airport land's use planning policies are the result of a long history of initiatives and decisions by various levels of government and other parties over a period of some 40 years. This started with the decision in 1958 to construct Melbourne Airport in its current location and progressed through a series of studies, inquiries, hearings, policy announcements, legislative decisions and other events, leading to the regime of policies and controls which protect the ongoing operation of Melbourne Airport today.

The Victorian Government is currently reviewing the urban growth boundary. This includes considering land for development near the airport. Melbourne Airport is actively involved in this review. As Australia's second busiest airport, Melbourne Airport is a focal point and key driver within Victoria's economy, with its contribution to tourism, air freight and business development. It is important that we protect the airport from the adverse effects of incremental urban encroachment under or towards the airport's flight paths as it has the potential to impact the airport's operations and undermine the curfew free status of the airport. The needs of future communities should also be considered.

Melbourne Airport's submission to the GAA

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