Melbourne Airport


Planning and Design Approval

Approval Process

The Planning and Design Approval process is administered by the Planning & Development department to control land use and development on airport.

  • support orderly and logical development of a high quality public realm
  • ensure that a high level of amenity is provided for visitors, workers and other users of the airport
  • support Federal and State planning objectives
  • support the aims of the 2013 Master Plan; and
  • support APAM's vision for Melbourne Airport to be Australia's airport of choice by delivering a superior customer experience.

Most buildings and works landside will need a Planning Permit, but check the exemption list below.

Applications for use and development within Melbourne Airport Landside Precincts will follow the approvals process outlined at number 1 below. Either the Melbourne Airport permit process is required, or an MDP is required from the Commonwealth Government as outlined in Section 89 the Airports Act 1996.

Applications must be consistent with the Melbourne Airport Planning and Urban Design Strategy in preparing planning applications for buildings and works. Some exemptions may apply, to view the list, please refer to number 2 below. Applications must also be consistent with the National Airports Safeguarding Framework (NASF).

The Melbourne Airport Terminal Style Guide (MAS-ARC-002) applies to buildings and works within a terminal and may require a planning permit.

All signage and wayfinding applications must be consistent with the Melbourne Airport Signage and Wayfinding Manual.

Planning Permit Process

Follow the easy step by step process below to ascertain the permit you need and the associated forms:

  1. Planning Permit / MDP Process
  2. Melbourne Airport Planning & Urban Design Guidelines (23MB)
  3. Planning Permit Exemptions
  4. Application Form
  5. Planning Permit Checklist

Technical Standards

Technical Standards at no longer avaliable on the web. Please contact your Project Manager to request the standards. 

If you have any queries regarding the Technical Standards, please email