Building activities at Melbourne Airport

This section provides information on Melbourne Airport procedures and approvals processes for all building activities at Melbourne Airport, ensuring full accessibility for the public and those making a claim.

Current building activities at Melbourne Airport
All applications are uploaded within five business days after submission to Melbourne Airport or the Airport Building Controller as appropriate (outlined in the Development Manual below).
Download a list of current applications to Melbourne Airport

Development Manual
All parties undertaking works within the airport boundary must adhere to Melbourne Airport's Development Manual.

The Manual contains all requirements for works, approvals procedure, and, in accordance with the Airports Act 1996 ensures safe and seamless operations at Melbourne Airport.

It consists of the following chapters:
1. Contractor Induction Guide
2. Working at Melbourne Airport
3. Building Approval Guide
4. Standard Works Conditions
5. Retail Fit-out Guide
6. Property Fit-out Guide

 You can download the latest Development Manual here.