Melbourne Airport


Measuring Aircraft Noise

The Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) system has been used by airports for over thirty years as the primary measure of aircraft noise in and around airports. The ANEF takes into account the expected number of movements, types of aircraft and their noise and performance characteristics, flight paths and the distribution of traffic by time period of arrivals and departures.

In the last few years, industry and government have recognised limitations with the ANEF system and that in addition to the ANEF’s, a more useful system for presenting information about aircraft noise is needed. This is why the Commonwealth Government, with the support of State Government and industry, has agreed to implement a supplementary noise metric known as the N contour system. This includes a measurement system based on the number of aircraft noise events per day exceeding 70, 65 or 60 decibels. These noise contours are included in the 2013 Master Plan and available in the Melbourne Airport Noise Tool.

Noise Tool

In recognising that aircraft create noise, Melbourne Airport will continue to work with Airservices and airlines to limit these noise impacts where possible. This includes noise abatement procedures, engine run up restrictions and preferred runways or flight paths.