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Aircraft noise

When Melbourne Airport was selected as an airport site in 1959, it was described as one of the best airport sites in the world as it was close to the city but free from surrounding urban development.  This has allowed Melbourne Airport to minimise the impacts of aircraft noise in ways that are not possible for other airports, and to grow to its current size.

It has always been envisaged that Melbourne Airport would need to expand its terminal and runway footprint as it continued to grow.

Since 1990 Melbourne Airport's Master Plans have shown an ultimate airport layout consisting of four runways. To make this possible, land use controls were first introduced in the early 1990s - which specify restrictions on urban development around the airport to minimise the impact of noise on neighbouring communities.

Airports by their very nature are noisy places. As an airport operator, Melbourne Airport is aware that a growing airport means more aircraft movements and aircraft noise. Melbourne Airport believes it is important to provide easy to understand information about aircraft noise at Melbourne Airport and how it will affect our surrounding communities.

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