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Investing in our community

Melbourne Airport is committed to working with, supporting and fostering the development of our local communities, undertaken via Melbourne Airport Community Fund.

The Melbourne Airport Community Fund has a strong focus on supporting improved educational outcomes for school-aged children – within the communities immediately surrounding Melbourne Airport.  Favouring multi-year partnerships, Melbourne Airport is proud to work with the following community and environmental organisations.

1 - Banksia Gardens Study Group

Banksia Gardens Community Services (Broadmeadows)

Melbourne Airport has proudly committed $150,000 over the next three years to Banksia Gardens Community Services (Broadmeadows) to fund the delivery of their highly successful Aiming High and Study Group programs.

Melbourne Airport's investment will facilitate the employment of specialist maths and science tutors, to the benefit of more than 100 students from Gladstone Park, Broadmeadows, Westmeadows and Meadow Heights area who attend the Broadmeadows groups every week. 

The Aiming High VCE Support Program (‘Aiming High’) was designed to help combat the disadvantage in Broadmeadows and surrounding areas by supporting young, academically aspiring students to overcome barriers to achieve their best in their VCE studies. With a focus on supporting students from public schools, the Aiming High VCE Support Program established a weekly study session in Broadmeadows, which has since been expanded to Craigieburn. 

The Aiming High program has supported 68 students in their VCE studies over the last three years, with 90% of its participants gaining entry to their first preference university place.  

Melbourne Airport is also proud to launch the first of its academic scholarships with local school students, undertaken in partnership with Banksia Gardens Community Services.  With the first of the scholarships being awarded in December 2015 with Gladstone Views Primary School, Melbourne Airport looks forward to growing the program in the following years - to encompass primary and secondary school students who are experiencing barriers to their academic success.   

15_Western Chances_v2 

Western Chances

Western Chances provides scholarships and opportunities to talented and self- motivated young people in Melbourne's western suburbs. In 2014 the organisation celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Each year Western Chances delivers programs which remove social, economic and cultural barriers to education and job training for hundreds of talented young people across a large geographical area in Melbourne's western suburbs.

All young people supported by Western Chances have an identified talent and motivation to achieve, but lack the finances, opportunities and networks to pursue their education and career goals.

In 2012 Melbourne Airport funded more than 50 scholarships, with Western Chances now supporting more than 400 talented young people in realising their academic, artistic and employment aspirations every year.

Western Chances also operates the vital LINKS Program which facilitates work placements for talented young people from the western suburbs to support their academic and vocational pathways.

These dedicated and talented young people are carefully matched to the right
organisations to ensure that they make meaningful contributions to the organisation's productivity, with many employers using the program to identify and recruit talented graduates from the western suburbs.

See here to donate to Western Chances

 8 - Bandicoot in grass

15 - Conservation Volunteers Logo

Conservation Volunteers - Eastern-Barred Bandicoot

Melbourne Airport is partnering with Conservation Volunteers Australia to deliver the
Healthy Habitats program. This program supports the establishment of a 300 hectare protected and predator-proof habitat for the critically endangered Eastern-Barred
Bandicoot, one of Victoria’s most endangered mammals.

Located on Melbourne Airport’s back doorstep, community members and
volunteers have worked tirelessly during the past four years to repair, install
and maintain a predator-proof fence at Woodlands Historic Park.

Repairs on the fence were completed and the area declared predator free in 2012. 
The open red gum grassy woodland home was ready to house bandicoots.

In June and July 2013, Melbourne Airport witnessed the first release of 32
Eastern Barred Bandicoots into the predator free sanctuary. To increase the population’s genetic diversity, bandicoots from Zoos Victoria’s captive breeding program as well as individuals from Mt Rothwell Biodiversity Interpretation Centre and Hamilton Community Parklands were released within the protected area.

Forty seven bandicoots have now been released and monitoring efforts have found
new babies in the pouch and on foot within the park. This breeding success is
testament to how our native environment can thrive with the absence of predators
such as foxes, cats and dogs.

With the species currently listed as extinct in the wild, this is a fantastic step
towards the Eastern-Barred Bandicoot’s recovery and bounce back from the brink
of extinction!

See here to learn more about Conservation Volunteers or to volunteer within
one of their numerous conservation sites across Victoria.

2 - Unnamed

1 - Unnamed

 1 - Climate Friendly logo 

Moving Towards Carbon Neutrality

Melbourne Airport has introduced various measures to prevent, control and reduce our production of greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of non-renewable resources.
For example, we have implemented measures, such as Skycool paint, to minimise
the need for air-conditioning.

In line with our environmental commitment and our desire to help local communities,
we've chosen to support the Rural China Grouped Small Hydro Project to offset the
greenhouse gas emissions created by our vehicles and staff flights.

The Rural China Grouped Small Hydro Project is different from other hydropower
projects as it offers ongoing social benefits to local communities and is located
close to our ‘Chinese sister airport’, Chengdu International Airport.

This innovative project provides stable clean electricity to rural areas and local
jobs. It has also funded education programs for children and runs agricultural
training sessions to teach local farmers about growing and managing fruit tree
plantations, which in turn creates more local jobs.

The Rural China Small Hydro Project would not have been financially viable without
the extra revenue from carbon credits and we are proud to be contributing to this
great initiative.

See here to learn more about the project.

 1 - Salvation Army


Investing In Melbourne Airport

The Salvation Army

We've supported The Salvation Army in a wide range of ways over the last ten years,
including significant financial donations to the Christmas Appeal and fundraising ventures  with Melbourne Airport's Staff Social Club.

2012 saw Melbourne Airport's support of The Salvation Army expand to include
investment in the Asylum Seekers Support Service. This grass-roots program provides
emergency food, educational and clothing assistance to Asylum seekers presently living in Melbourne.

We've also been long term supporters of the Salvation Army's Jacana Centre. Located
just 10 kilometres from the airport in the north-western Melbourne suburb of Jacana, the centre provides assisted accomdation to families, couples and pregnant women - while also being an outreach for homeless men and women.

The Festive Season is an important time for the Salvation Army and Melbourne Airport
alike, and is a time when we celebrate together through Christmas carollong and
performances throughout the terminal. Bringing some levity and cheer during a busy
(and often stressful) time of year, the much-loved performances also serve as an
important fundraising tool those less fortunate at Christmas.