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Melbourne Airport management operates -

  • Terminal 2 [T2 - international]
  • Terminal 3 [T3 - domestic - used by Virgin Australia and Regional Express (departures)]
  • Terminal 4 [T4 - domestic - used  by Jetstar, Tigerair Australia and Regional Express (arrivals)]

For all news media enquiries relating to T2, T3 and T4, please call  Melbourne Airport media on +61 3 9335 3666 (24-hours).

For all media enquiries regarding Terminal 1 (T1 - Qantas), please contact Qantas media on 0418 210 005.

Please note that all other non-news related filming and photography requests such as documentaries and advertisements are requested to please follow the filming and photography guidelines.

Guidelines for all media onsite at Melbourne Airport:

  • All media crews are required to seek permission to be onsite at Melbourne Airport. To obtain permission, please call the media line (24/7) on +61 3 9335 3666.
  • All media must ensure that they do not interrupt or interfere with general operations at Melbourne Airport.
  • Airline staff or check-in procedures are not to be filmed, photographed or questioned unless consent from the airline has been granted. Please contact the airline directly for this consent, and advise Melbourne Airport media if consent is granted. 
  • Security staff or procedures are not to be filmed. 

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