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Melbourne Airport welcomes anti-touting laws

Apr 21, 2008

Melbourne Airport today welcomed new laws regarding taxi touting, which were announced this morning by Victorian Public Transport Minister Lynne Kosky. The new laws include significantly stronger penalties for touting at Melbourne Airport.

“Melbourne Airport is one of Australia’s busiest taxi zones, with four taxi ranks and a capacity to hold and dispatch nearly 1,000 taxis at any one time,” said airport spokesman Geoffrey Conaghan.

“Touting is commercially opportunistic and has no practical need. There has not been any time in recent memory where we have not had taxis available for passenger pick-up,” he said.

“Touting is unfair on the taxi drivers who do the right thing and operate through the managed taxi dispatch and rank system, in accordance with their licences issued by the Victorian Government,” he said.

“Touts make a particularly unpleasant impression for arriving passengers, as they illegally approach airport users in an unsavoury manner. The new laws give airport police and agencies the authority to act more swiftly. Since offenders will be hit with higher fines, the new laws will be a significant discouragement,” said Mr Conaghan.

Melbourne Airport today also released its third quarter results showing an 11% passenger increase compared to the same period in the 2006/2007 financial year – the equivalent of 646,000 more travelers passing through Melbourne Airport.

“The Minister’s announcement is timely. There are more people using the airport – including more tourists – and every one of them should be presented with a good first impression upon their arrival into our city,” said Mr Conaghan. “Well-managed taxi ranks are an important element of Melbourne Airport’s operation of an increasingly busy forecourt precinct that is used by over 40,000 vehicles a day.

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