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Tulla-Calder Freeway Interchange opening a major boost for Victorian travellers

Feb 23, 2007

Melbourne Airport has welcomed the opening of the outbound lanes of the improved Tullamarine-Calder Freeway Interchange, an area that is the critical link between the airport and Melbourne’s CBD.

Construction has been undertaken over the past 16 months to improve safety and traffic flow in an area widely considered to be one of the worst ‘blackspots’ on Victorian roads.

“The opening of the new Tulla-Calder Interchange is a major improvement for the 22 million passengers a year who travel through Melbourne Airport,” said Melbourne Airport CEO Chris Barlow.

“The upgrade will provide a notably faster, smoother and safer journey to and from Melbourne Airport. In our estimate, it will take a number of minutes off the airport-CBD journey – as we have already seen with the October 2006 opening of the inbound lanes of the interchange.”

Mr Barlow also said that the upgrade was a critical in ensuring quality access for business traffic in and out of Melbourne.

“The journey from the airport to the CBD is the first impression of this city. The upgrade is great news for business travellers, and is also fantastic for residents and businesses in the northern regions of Melbourne,” said Mr Barlow.

“Melbourne Airport was a highly vocal advocate for the upgrade of this vital piece of public infrastructure, and we congratulate the alliance of organisations that have delivered this project for their success.”

Traffic now accesses Melbourne Airport from the right-hand-side lanes of the Tullamarine Freeway, rather than the previous left-hand-side lanes. Drivers are advised to pay close attention to road signage during the changeover period.

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