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Australian Filmmaker set to fly from Alice to Berlin

Aug 13, 2007

The Melbourne Airport Emerging Australian Filmmaker Award for 2007 has been presented to Warwick Thornton, a unique Australian filmmaker with a pedigree as director of photography on some of this country’s best loved and award-winning indigenous films.

Warwick’s award winning film Nana is set in Jay Creek, Northern Territory and looks at family ties through the eyes of a young girl on the edge of adulthood. A story of tenacity and spirit, Nana, at only nine minutes in length packs a powerful punch. Nana is the story of one strong woman who makes sure that community and family come first. Warwick Thornton’s unique voice tells this simple story of outback courage.

The Melbourne Airport Emerging Australian Filmmaker Award is judged by a panel of experts from the Melbourne International Film Festival. The Melbourne Airport Award enables Warwick to attend the Berlin Film Festival and is a new development for the 10 year old award that is a key part of Melbourne Airport's Emerging Talent Program.

Melbourne Airport is committed to providing the opportunities for Australia’s most exciting new artistic talent to learn from the experience of attending some of the world’s most most prestigious international arts events, such as the Berlinale – the Berlin International Film Festival.

“The goal of our awards is to put the careers of some of Australia’s unique talents on the international map,” said Chris Barlow, CEO of Melbourne Airport. “And Warwick is the perfect example of a unique talent whose career is set to take off.”

To find out more about Warwick Thornton, visit his profile.

For more information about the Melbourne Airport Emerging Talent Program, visit the dedicated section of this website.

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