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Environment Strategy and Policy

Environment Strategy and Policy

Environment Strategy

With predicted increases in aircraft movements and passenger numbers, it is important that Melbourne Airport has policies and procedures to limit its environmental impact and promote sustainability. The Environment Strategy outlines the key environmental issues and management strategies to which APAM is committed, to mitigate its impact on the environment in which it operates. 

In accordance with the Airports Act 1996, Melbourne Airport is required to prepare and implement an Environmental Strategy every five years.  The 2013 Environment Strategy is part of the Master Plan, which was approved by the Commonwealth Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development on 18 December 2013.  A link to the Master Plan page can be found here.


Environment Policy

Melbourne Airport's Environment Policy provides the guidlines for the environmental management of the airport.  The policy forms the basis for the priciples that promote environmental sustainability at the airport and maximise efficiency of the environmental systems.  The policy gives basis for which objectives, targets and environmental action plans are developed for the 2013 Environmental Strategy. 

Melbourne Airport Environment Policy (PDF 344KB)