Melbourne Airport


Melbourne Airport Ground Based Noise

Objective – Manage and minimize noise levels associated with ground-based airport operations and ground-running aircraft to achieve compliance with Commonwealth and State legislation.

Melbourne Airport manages all issues regarding ground-based noise, which is a separate issue to aircraft noise. All aircraft noise, including during flight, take off or taxiing is regulated by Airservices Australia.

Melbourne Airport receives low numbers of complaints regarding ground-based noise and has not experienced a serious incident related to noise-emissions, generated by ground-based operations. The potential issues and impacts of ground based noise include construction and demolition sites, plant operations, road traffic and aircraft maintenance and testing.

To minimise the risk of these having adverse effects on human or environmental receptors the follow steps have been implemented.

  • All significant construction projects must develop Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs); which require noise to be managed in accordance with airport guidelines.
  • Melbourne Airport business operators are required to develop Operational EMPs (OEMPs) where adverse impacts on the environment may occur, this includes noise.
  • Quarterly meetings are held to review aircraft noise exposure impacts and make recommendations to minimise the effects of aircraft noise.
  • Aircraft ground-running activities are audited on a semi-annual basis. The audits ensure that all testing is undertaken at the designated location and time of day, minimising the potential noise impact on the surrounding community.

Melbourne Airport has achieved a high level of compliance in audits of ground running of aircraft policy.

For more information on ground-based noise at Melbourne Airport, questions about our policy, or any complaints please contact the Melbourne Airport Environment Manager using the website feedback form - clearly marking that you have an environment related enquiry or phone +61 3 9297 1600.