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Melbourne Airport Environmental Management System


About the EMS

In June 2004, Melbourne Airport became the first Australian airport to achieve international certification of its Environmental Management System (EMS).

Consistent with the EMS international standard ISO14001:2004, the Melbourne Airport EMS consists of a set of strict procedures and programs for identifying, monitoring and controlling environmental risks and impacts, and requires the organisation to demonstrate continuous improvement in environmental management. The Melbourne Airport Environment Policy is the driver for implementing and improving the EMS and improving our environmental performance.

The EMS certification requires full external review and recertification every three years. Melbourne Airport successfully recertified to the EMS standard ISO14001:2004 in May 2016. A copy of the certification can be found by clicking the link below.

EMS Certificate of Approval (PDF)


Key requirements of the EMS


Melbourne Airport's environmental performance is evaluated under the Commonwealth Airports Act (1996) and the Airports (Environment Protection) Regulations 1997. Onsite compliance with these legislations is carried out by the Airport Environmental Officer (AEO), a representative of the Federal Government’s ‘Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development’.  Although Melbourne Airport is regulated under Commonwealth environmental legislation, strong ties are also maintained with EPA Victoria, the environmental regulatory authority of Victoria.

Environmental Management Programs (EMPs)

A key requirement of Melbourne Airport’s EMS is the development and implementation of an EMP by any organisation at Melbourne Airport that has the potential to have significant impact (positive or negative) on the Environment. An EMP gives an overview of the activities to be undertaken, a list of applicable environmental legislation, auditing and monitoring processes, and a list of environmental actions that must be implemented in the coming year.  Melbourne Airport also coordinates the quarterly Business Partners Environment Group Meeting which meets to discuss environmental initiatives relevant to all site operators.

Environmental Training

By conducting environmental training of Melbourne Airport staff new opportunities to improve environmental performance can be identified. Melbourne Airport ensures that appropriate environmental training is provided to all staff whose work may have a significant impact on the environment.  These programs include:

  • Environmental induction for new staff
  • Environmental awareness training to update staff on environmental issues
  • Job-specific environmental training

Environmental Auditing

Environmental auditing is essential for ensuring the effectiveness of an EMS. Melbourne Airport’s auditing activities include:

  • Facility audits of Melbourne Airport Business Partners and construction sites that have an EMP
  • Six-monthly EMS (legal and other requirements) compliance evaluation audits
  • Nine-monthly ISO14001 (compliance) audits conducted by an external consultant