Melbourne Airport


Environmental Incident Reporting

Melbourne Airport requires all tenants and operators to ensure staff are trained in all relevant Australia Pacific Airports (Melbourne) procedures and policies; such as incident response and incident notification.  An environmental incident is any event resulting from activities, products or services which may adversely impact on or change the environment; that being the surroundings in which Australia Airport Pacific Corporation operates, including air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna, humans and their interrelation. 

All environmental incidents are to be reported to the Airport Environment Team using the Environmental Incident Report Form. Australia Pacific Airports (Melbourne) will collate, review and analyse this information to introduce measures to minimise or avoid similar incidents in the future.

Environmental incidents involving a spill of greater than 5 litres, or any spills that enter a waterway or damage an environmentally significant area must be reported immediately to the Airport Coordination Centre on (03) 9297 1601.

Environmental Incident Forms should be returned via either email or mail to the following:

APAC Environmental Incident Form (.docx)

Melbourne Airport also encourages the public and community to report any environmental incidents at Melbourne Airport.