Melbourne Airport

Current projects

Road Improvement Projects At Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport is making significant improvements to its road network to help ease traffic congestion in and around the airport precinct.

Already, 80,000 passengers travel through Melbourne Airport each day. By 2030, the annual passenger figure is expected to reach 60 million.

As part of a growth strategy, Melbourne Airport is planning a number of roads to be widened or extended at the southern end of the airport precinct.

This includes the duplication of Melrose Drive, extension of Francis Briggs Road, and an additional airport bound lane on Terminal Drive.

Planning is also underway for a new connection between the airport and the Western Ring Road through an extension of Airport Drive.

These projects will also provide better access to the proposed Southern Precinct Project, which includes the construction of a new terminal and an integrated transport interchange for buses, taxis and general public.

A major elevated road is also being planned, which will provide additional capacity for cars, taxis and buses travelling to and from the airport precinct. The design details are still at concept stage, with construction likely to be phased over several years.

These road projects are part of Melbourne Airport’s investment of more than $1 billion over the next five years on airport infrastructure.